Sunday, April 22, 2012

4/20:....and again

that pretty much sums up the Season 12 playoffs for Na Pahu Piha

Game One:
Na Pahu Piha 11
Your Face 1

Championship Game:
Na Pahu Piha 22
Datswutshesed 2

Back-to-Back Division 2 Champs

Monday, January 30, 2012


Na Pahu takes the champagne once again
Na Pahu Piha 17
Public Assistance 3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10/26: Winning

Na Pahu climbs back into the win column - first win since June 17th.
...nearly flawless defense and enough hits when it counted towards the end

Na Pahu 6
Sofa Kingdom 1

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/12: SKUNKED

...not the good kine

Chuck seemed to not want anything to do with Na Pahu after a last minute forfeit a few weeks ago...although to his credit he did give us an extra two innings to save face - no face to be saved

Outkasts 12
Na Pahu 0

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/9: Thank you for coming...

....we had a good turnout although another 3 wahine showing had Na Pahu playin' down a few in the field.

it seemed things would get out of hand, but we actually hung wasn't that hard

Datswutshesed: 11
Na Pahu: 5

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

6/17: You Always Hurt the Ones You Love

why do we always hurt the ones we love?

another battle with our friends at public assistance. this was as close a game as one can get with PA  scoring a run every other inning to slowly build a 3 - 0 lead after 5 innings...luckily we finally realized the urgency plating 3 in the sixth and two in the seventh to wrap up a victory for the good guys and sent marsha to mainland as a winner.
Na Pahu Piha 5
Public Assistance 3

Saturday, June 11, 2011

6/10: Badass Wahine Ball

....probably the most badass team to hit the league (since we joined) 

"out of your league" fielded an unconventional lineup with choke wahine and a few token guys - they were rolling about 15 deep on the ladies with 3 dudes. scoreless through 2 innings until a little wa'ahila decided to show up and chuck delayed the game so he could stand under the umbrella and made everyone leave the field - about 30 seconds later all the wahine took the field in the rain waiting for chuck to call game on - badass.

Luckily our bats came alive and our (almost) all-Lisa infield were even more badass and we were able to coast to the bleachers with a victory...and for those scoring at home Na Pahu Piha has won 7 out of its last 8
Final Score:
Na Pahu Piha 15
Out of your league 5

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Season Ten: Holy Moses!


1. Thou shalt have no other priorities before softball (eh, unless its something good)
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images of Chuck (unless he deserves it)
3. Thou shalt not take thy ump Chuck's name in vain (unless he deserves it)
4. Remember the softball day, keep it holy
5. Honor thy coach and ass coach, email lest one play or not play and try pay dues
6. Thou shalt not kill a good inning by hitting a foul ball over the fence
7. Thou shalt not leave Na Pahu for another team in our league
8. Wahine shalt not take a free walk
9.  Thou shalt not tell Chuck you will go see his band play when you know you aren't
10. Thou shalt not covet the other teams bats

.....and Season 10 begins

Sunday, April 24, 2011

4/20: Double Birthday....What Does It Mean?

the week was eventful in that Na Pahu actually got to take the field and play a game - dueling birthday celebrations, taboot.

the, not so much...with the exception of....
Niele 10
Na Pahu 1

Friday, April 15, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

4/8: Pop Quiz

how'd the game go you ask?
well, what do the following have in common?
see you next week

4/1: Everybody plays the fool

Na Pahu finally got to get back on the field...and despite the months of rain we didn't show too much rust. Early on Na Pahu was coasting with a 5-1 lead and with only 9 players Scared Pitchless was stuck with an automatic out at the end of the lineup. things were looking good.

unfortunately...april fools suckas...we slid into auto-pilot...fell in love with the popfly...made a few silly errors and sure enough we found ourselves in a tight spot...down 5 going into our last at bat
however, in true na pahu fashion we stormed back with the winning run at the plate only to come up a few runs short - wasn't meant to be...good showing nonetheless and it felt good to get some softball action.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Season 9 Recap So Far... (cartoon version)

week 1. Rainout
week 2. Sloppy Game against Datswutshesed
everyone was frustrated on this one - shaking off the rust from season 8

week 3. Rainout

 week 4. 100th Game
 ....and Na Pahu is victorious in Game #100 !!!

 week 5. Rainout
week 6. Rainout
week 7. Two touchdown beatdown (20-6) courtesy of Sofa Kingdom
...and they seemed to be extra Sofa Kingdom!

week 8. rainout

Season 9: Make It Rain

How many games can we get rained out in a single season? ... the race is on

Season Eight Playoffs: Round Two

Na Pahu gets a horrible draw for the Season Eight playoffs and has to get through a play-in game against a recently demoted HMSA.

after 5 innings of un-Pahu like play we found ourselves with a comfortable lead ready to march into a playoff championship game against Public Assistance....until...
it got pahu make no plays so no championship game. bummin on the bleachers instead. season 8 pau!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/5: Add Another to the Rack

Na Pahu gave her best division one impression - holding a lead on Niele for the first four innings, stumblin' for a couple and ultimately storming back with 8 in the last at-bat to end up with a hard-fought tie. Good momentum for the playoffs.

Final Score
Niele 13
Na Pahu Piha 13

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010: Earthquakes, Icelandic Volcanoes, Eclipses - Oh My!

been a wild year and we going out with a bang - earthquakes in Iran and Japan - torrential floods in California (and a bit of rain here too, eh?) - the moon running blood - blizzards despite global warming - tea party the world coming to an end?...depends who you ask. i'm sure many of our newly-elected washington folks are rootin' for the rapture.

but unfortunately, we can safely say that Na Pahu Piha softball in 2010 is over - and i'd say 'twas not a bad one...we won 10 games, nearly swept the division 2 championship for the year, and didn't have to forfeit a game

plenty more Na Pahu in 2011. see you then